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Tick tick tick tick tick tick DING! The little timer that was shaped like a chicken rang out a cheerful reminder that the cookies were done, and it was time for Carol to take them out of the oven. She pulled her oven mitts on and replaced the hot metal tray with a new one, and reset the chicken for twelve minutes. As she was pulling hot cookies off the tray and placing them on the cooling rack, there was a firm knock on the front door of her house.
Carol put down her spatula and wiped her floured hands on her apron as she walked to open the door. “Daryl, hi.” She smiled when she saw her friend leaning on the rail of her porch picking at his fingernails.
“Got any smokes?” The man pushed himself off the rail and walked past Carol into the bright house.
“Upstairs on my nightstand. There should be some matches, too.” She shut the door behind him as he climbed the stairs two at a time. “I made cookies!” Carol yelled up the stairs as she
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Mature content
Hungry :iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 1 0
Mother Nature, Father Time
Once upon a celestial body,
Two concepts did exist:
Mother Nature,
Fierce and kind,
And Father Time,
Constant and fleeting.
Nature was reckless,
Defiant, and mischievous.
Time was patient;
Waiting and watching.
Both refused to yield
To the other's demands.
Leaves changed out of season,
Snow fell in summer, and
Rain and sun alternated
Every other hour.
But Time continued in rhythm;
Days passing right on tempo.
In one moment, however,
Nature fell in love with Time.
And she began to follow
His seasons and plans.
Time celebrated,
His patience had paid off.
The two worked in tandem,
To move the Earth along.
Time brought new seasons,
Nature brought the signs.
And both were happy.
And both were worry free.
But Nature soon saw
The effects of Time.
Men and Women grew old
And turned to dust in Death.
Even Nature began to feel
The passing of her Time.
Her leaves began to fade and fall,
Her mountains turned to rubble.
Her Earth began to turn
Slower and slower each day.
But she kept going, always h
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For Good Ch. 11
The next six weeks were a roller-coaster for the whole cast and crew of Wicked. They had successes and failures together, and even one experience when Sean Anderson said M****** and they had technical difficulties before that night's run. As punishment, they invited Sean to a party that didn't exist at a sketchy location across New York. It was a harmless prank, but he never said it again.
John was truly having the time of his life; a great boyfriend, a nice group of friends, and a fabulous job. He felt invincible. He felt like a king.
Sherlock sure was treating him like one, too. It was as if John were the genius actor, and Sherlock were a stage hand, the way that the taller man showered him with gifts and affection and praise. Not that John was completely innocent of verbal spoiling, either. John inflated the actor's ego to an almost dangerous level, but always managed to humble him at the end of the day.
"I can't hardly keep up with you guys." Mary once remarked. "One minute you're
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Jean 3:16 by poetanddidntknowit34
Mature content
Jean 3:16 :iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 1 3
For Good Ch. 10
When the curtain rushed open that Saturday night, everyone was primed and ready for another good run. John was watching the show from his normal perch at the sound booth, and though he was keeping a close eye on what was going on stage, he couldn't help but let his mind wander a little to the surprise Sherlock had planned for him after the show. John still didn't know what it was, and it was starting to drive him to distraction. Though, not too far into distraction that he wasn't able to catch a mic scream before it happened when Sherlock tossed a book during 'Dancing Through Life' and it landed on top of a ground mic near the front of the stage.
When the curtain finally swung close once more, John was grinning wildly as he pulled the mics off the lead actors. "Great show tonight, Molly." He said as he unwound the wires off the green-painted girl.
"Thanks, John. I'm looking forward to my day off, tomorrow, though. I strained a little too much during the final notes of 'Defying Gravity'
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Language Barriers
"Ça va?"
Good question.
Too bad I don't know how to answer it.
How do you say "I'm homesick.
But not for my family;
For the friends I moved away from."?
How do I articulate "They're at it again,
And home for Thanksgiving is not
A place I want to be."?
What's the phrase for "I feel sick.
Not in the physical way, though.
Sick in the head and sick in the heart."?
How do you translate "I'm exhausted
And very close to saying 'fuck it',
and giving up for a while."?
Short answer: I don't.
Even if I knew how.
"Ça va bien."
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For Good Ch 9
With yet another successful run under their belts, the cast were just as rowdy backstage as they had been the previous night. Cast and crew were scattered about, chattering loudly as they got ready to pack up and head out for the night. "What are you going to do for the rest of the night?" Jessica asked from her perch on the ladder to the catwalk.
"Not sure." John yawned. "But I'm kind of tired, so I might end up just going home and sleeping."
"Oh no you're not!" Mary giggled, sliding up beside him and wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "We're all going out to celebrate two successful runs, and you are both coming with us."
"Where?" Jessica asked.
"Some bar down the street. Sean recommended it." Mary gestured to where Sean Anderson was standing, talking to a group of chorus members. "Anyway, it's not going to be anything too big or too rowdy, we just want to have a few drinks and celebrate the good start."
"I'm down." Jessica untangled herself from the metal ladder and straightened h
:iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 1 0
For Good Ch 8
When John woke up the next morning, he was alone on his side of the bed. Rolling over, he saw Sherlock sprawled out on his stomach on the other side of the king sized bed, still dead in sleep. Unsure of what he should do, John sat up and looked around the large bedroom. He'd never done anything like this before, and he wasn't sure what the etiquette was for the situation. Did Sherlock expect him to leave now? They weren't exactly dating, so maybe he wasn't supposed to stick around all day.
Getting up carefully, he quietly located his clothes around the room and got dressed by the light of the midmorning sun streaming in through the thick curtains. Then, slipping out of the door, he stole down the hallway in silence. He walked down the stairs, trying to tame his hair as he went. But when he reached the landing and turned to the living room, he froze.
"You must be John." A man, who must've been Mycroft, was sitting on the couch in the living room reading a newspaper and enjoying a cup of
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For Good Ch 7
Opening night. All the actors were early to call, and that meant everyone was ready, sound-checks done, and warm-ups completed early, too. That also meant everyone was loosing their minds. John was standing with Jessica in the warm-up room, watching actors pace, wring their hands, and mutter to themselves as the atmosphere in the room gathered a larger cloud of tension by the minute. He looked over and saw Sherlock standing in the corner of the room, frowning, but otherwise unmoving.
"You nervous?" Jessica nudged him.
"Me?" John asked. "No, I'm good. Rehearsals are the biggest amount of work. Now I've just got to make sure all the buttons on the sound board stay where they are and I don't miss a cue to turn a mic on. I think I'll be fine."
"No, I mean are you nervous for your date tonight?"
John smiled and his ears turned a little pink. "I'm trying not to think about it right now. I'm sure the closer it gets, the more nervous I'll get. Right now, I need to get through the show."
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For Good Ch. 6
"Tomorrow is opening night and you don't know your lines?!" James was yelling at the actors on stage in frustration. He threw his script through the audience seating. "What is this?! Broadway, or amateur hour?!"
"I'm just a little nervous and I forgot." Molly said quietly, "I know the lines. It won't happen again." The mousey actress looked like she was about to start crying underneath the mountains of green face paint.
"I got news for you, sweetheart. You're going to be a lot more nervous tomorrow night. So you better pull it together." James clenched his fists and spun around, shouting to the back of the auditorium. "AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY MALE LEAD?!"
Sherlock had been missing that morning for call, and that was most of the reason for James's sudden rampage. "Why don't we take 5?" Brandy suggested, sticking her head out from backstage.
"No, we don't have time for that," The director was being condescending, but at least he wasn't yelling anymore. "Because these--"
"Excuse me?" A v
:iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 1 5
For Good Ch 5
Author's Note: Highly recommend viewing the video in the description first.
"John, we're going to be running Dancing Through Life today," James said, coming up to stand in front of the sound board, "And it's a tricky one for floor mics. In the beginning, Sherlock throws a lot of books on the floor, so be watching the levels."
"I can do that."
"And you'll need Kelly on her toes in case a book knocks one over."
"I'm on it, sir." Kelly said, saluting with a smile.
"Awesome. Keep up the good work, guys." James turned toward the stage where actors stood milling around, and spoke into his handheld, "Alright guys, let's take it from the top of Dancing Through Life. I only want to run the beginning, though. I'll let you know when I want to stop."
Actors scrambled in all directions to take their places. Some stood around, some lounged on the statue in the center of the stage, but all had their noses in a book. Nick was already up on the catwalk, and Kelly was now sprinting to
:iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 1 2
For Good Ch. 4
John arrived late that night, having found a smudge on his tie just as he had finally hailed a taxi. So, when he couldn't find a new, clean tie, he ended up ditching the idea all together and hoping the suit alone would be fine. When the second taxi pulled up in front of the apartment complex in Times Square, John found himself getting a little nervous. Nick had chosen the right word earlier: 'posh'. The sound technician had never been to a formal, 'adult party' such as this one, so as the elevator rode up the endless floors ever so slowly, John was fidgeting.
Finally, the lift stopped, a bell chimed, and the doors opened to the largest apartment John had ever seen in his life. The lights glittered off every gleaming surface like a warm wash of new territory, as if every part of New York outside the flat was dead, and Sherlock's place was the only one that held life. And with the music and chatter and lights, it certainly felt that way.
John made his way through the crowd, waving at pe
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For Good Ch. 3
The next day, the orchestra took their places in the pit, and the real work for John started. After mic-checks, James wanted to run the biggest numbers first for the day. So, the company took their places for the opening number, No One Mourns the Wicked, and the sound team got ready to move levels in case the pit orchestra’s volume interfered. When the first note struck, however, and an onstage mic screamed, it was clear that John was going to have his work cut out for him.
Quickly, he shot across the board and turned a few knobs, trying to even out the proper level of the mic and once he had evened the screaming one out, the others seemed more under control and John was able to step away from the board once more. Jessica, who had taken up her post backstage, spoke into the headset, “Get it together back there, John.” She laughed a little, then said, “I am glad that happened now and not during a performance, though.”
John flicked his headset on. “And
:iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 2 8
For Good Ch. 2
The next day, rehearsals started at 11AM, which meant that sound check was at 10:15. The actors looked tired as they stood on stage, except the actress playing Glinda, who was chipper and chatting with the actress for Elphaba. Well, the other actress couldn't be considered chatting; she only listened, nodded, and sipped her coffee slowly. "I know it was a late night yesterday, guys," Brandi began, "But you all worked hard in the choreography session and that's why James said we don't do anymore today." The company of lead actors perked up a little at this. "There's a minor issue with one of the Glinda costumes in the costume shop that James and I have to take care of, so I'm going to give the floor over now to John Watson, our lead sound technician."
There was some applause from the Glinda actress, who immediately stopped when she realized no one else was clapping, too. "Um, right," John cleared his throat as he climbed up onto the stage, "I'm John, and I'm the crew chief for sound, an
:iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 1 1
For Good Ch. 1
The Gershwin Theater, 222 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019. John Watson had the address memorized by heart now, though he hardly needed it; all he had to do was step into a taxi that morning and say 'Gershwin Theater', and the cabbie had him there in no time. Still, his dream was coming true and John was determined to commit every single detail to heart.
He stood outside the building, looking up at the marquee in stunned silence. Wicked. It was all happening so fast. One moment he had been entering Uni as a theater major, the next moment, he had gotten the call to report here at 3PM on a Monday to run the sound board for his dream musical. Tightening the strap on his messenger bag, John went in through a side door and found himself standing in the seam shop amid the rush of the final stages of set designing and building. People were everywhere, moving set pieces, painting things, using power tools; it was a loud, messy sight to walk into for his first time working on Broadway. "Excuse me?
:iconpoetanddidntknowit34:poetanddidntknowit34 4 15


Star Wars: Generations by daekazu Star Wars: Generations :icondaekazu:daekazu 13,070 415 The princess and the pea by patriciabrennan The princess and the pea :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 969 113
My article! (Finally) and a more on Sherlocked
I feel like I am quite hopelessly late writing about a convention now that happened - well - exactly a month and a day from now, but it has happened exactly on this day that a well-known and very fine Estonian weekly paper Eesti Ekspress has finally printed an article on the matter! All of you capable of buying a copy I suggest you might want to. There's of course vanity in my statement, but I honestly think it looks better on print. There are more pictures for one! 
Those of you far away or much less dedicated to my hard work - because obviously meeting fans and famous people is such a travesty! How will I ever survive on my future work post! Can click here and see the boring pretty-much-just-text version online:
If any of my good friends here would really very much like to have the paper for themselves - tell me before the week is up and I'll mail one by post. (Can you tell how proud I am?)
Anyways I'd like to have somet
:iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 2 10
Celebrating Sherlock
So I finally my video about Sherlock convention done!  Nearly a month late...I guess everything Sherlock  related takes time to get done. I have written an article about the Sherlock convention too, but it is yet in a queue to be published. I'll let you know when it comes out. 
Anyways check out my video. I'm sorry it took so long. I'll make the next video about my Sherlock figure 
:iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 1 8
The Queen's Return by WojtekFus The Queen's Return :iconwojtekfus:WojtekFus 5,032 113 The doorway to 221b by Winxhelina The doorway to 221b :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 11 26 Watching stars - animated by Winxhelina Watching stars - animated :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 17 24 Sherlock cosplay by Winxhelina Sherlock cosplay :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 18 27 Dragon Scale Top by Utopia-Armoury Dragon Scale Top :iconutopia-armoury:Utopia-Armoury 81 10
The Finished Draft
You look like the finished draft,
Practiced and primed,
Almost unattainable,
Yet still close enough to touch.
You're the twitching smile
Hiding puns, hilarity, and punk rock
Behind a veneer of dignity
That is hardly fake.
You appear as polished as glass,
Sharp and strong
But without any of the sudden shatters.
To my eyes,
You are a willow tree,
As poetic and flexible as any known
While you grow tall and sturdy
Up towards the heavens.
:iconarchergwen:archergwen 2 0
Sail by aerroscape Sail :iconaerroscape:aerroscape 3,548 161 Harley Quinn by RyuuLavitz Harley Quinn :iconryuulavitz:RyuuLavitz 329 11
Mature content
Smaug the Hella (For poetanddidntknowit34) :iconarchergwen:archergwen 1 2
A Race Against Death to Cook Beans
It's easy for me to laugh.
I find such depth of simple joy
In so many things
I will live forever
Should laughter really add life.
Perhaps that is why I seek his company.
It so easy for him to make me laugh.
I can feel my days stretching onward
With every silly pun
And blood-sugar induced insanity.
I will make him laugh, too...
It was a dark and stormy night,
It was a bright and balmy day,
(At the same time!)
When the dragon came to call!
DWAIN was large.
DWAIN was fearsome.
DWAIN also liked to take long walks on the beach, save his red M&M's for the Anti-Pacifist that lived on top of the mountain drinking the dew of the universe, and eat those little chocolate candies that are covered in nuts or something and come wrapped in that gold foil that everyone hates to rip so it takes super long to unwrap them but it is always gloriously worth it and don't try to say it's not.
Now, the Dragon Without An Interesting Name and his gummy worm soldiers
(Don't laugh,
They're scary,
Even only if
:iconarchergwen:archergwen 2 2
Taboo Tattoos and Lesbians
My mother used to tell me,
As she took a long drag of stale nicotine,
That I should stay away from lesbians,
Because they would make me take up smoking.
What she didn't know
Was that I thought cigarettes would make me skinny.
And thus, 
My unfounded and irrational 
Fear and attraction to the utterly beautiful was born.
I had fallen for breasts before I grew my own, 
and took to the internet with my misguided teachings,
as so many seem to do.
And there, in a ten-year-old's Google search for “sexy boobies”,
I found my first love.
A nameless ivory queen with a butterfly under her chest, and a tree branch on her ribs.
Similar to her explosions of fury at the idea of lesbians,
My mother had warned me about tattoos,
With threats of cancer, the plague, and the death of my first born over my head.
And as a girl with her shoelaces always untied,
who only looked one way before crossing the road,
I lived on the dangerous side of life and was naturally smitten.
:iconemerald-alexandria:Emerald-Alexandria 61 33
Reaching for the Light by starfall-glow Reaching for the Light :iconstarfall-glow:starfall-glow 3 4


I am getting like, supes discouraged. (this happens a lot when I undergo a lot of change at once.)

My grandma (aka the most important person in my whole life) just got diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, my sister is battling an eating disorder, and I'm trying to get organized to leave the country for a month.

Add that on top of the fact that I'm a new vegetarian and a new minimalist, and I can like, feel the judgment rolling off of people when the find out. Especially my family. So, I'm getting discouraged to keep going with the new lifestyles.

I don't mean to just dump this on everyone, but I have nothing going on right now, so I spend all my days at home and that gives me a lot of time to think about this stuff and then I get stressed. (then for some reason I start thinking about war and genocide and other problems in the world and I get more stressed...)
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